Learning by doing is the future of education on campus

Projectcampus was founded on the belief that learning by doing is powerful and inspiring. That learning by doing will be increasingly important for universities to keep a competitive advantage. However, this type of education can also be time consuming. Its difficult for teachers to get good insights and to keep everyone motivated and organized. That is why we started Projectcampus.

For learning by doing you need a flexible yet simple communication structure, designed for both students and teachers.

We found teachers and students bypassing their LMS to use email and online tools which do not properly exchange or store information.

There are growing expectations from students and teachers. Schools want their LMS to be improved using integrations like Projectcampus.

We believe student projects deserve better support. Right now, most of their energy and project knowledge is hidden or lost.

It's our mission to make learning by doing more successful. Together with our users, clients and partners.